Seven Year Old Owes Back Taxes For $60K Earnings

7 year old Carpentersville Illinois resident is just the latest victim in identity theft. The seven year old received a letter from the IRS requested payment of taxes owed from past earning of $60,000. This second grader had his Social Security Number stolen and illegally used by a Cirilo Centeno, 29 of Streamwood, Illinois. Cirilio Centeno admits he purchased the Social Security Number for $50 in 2001. And has used the card number to obtain employment, a truck, utilities for his home, a credit card, and unemployment benefits. Cirilio Centeno is here in the US illegally. He faces up to 15 years in jail if convicted.

How do we protect ourselves from the growing problem of identity theft and its unauthorized use? Doesn't the Social Security Administration and the IRS share intel to thwart off repeated unauthorized use?




Oh ye dare mention reality in this debate? Don't you know that guy needed that social security number in order to work in the US? That somehow he deserves that over the 2nd grader and back taxes be damned?

identity theft

After two years of research and reading a thousand or so pages of government documents and Congressional testimony, it appears that SSA is doing all that it can, and the DOJ and IRS are doing almost nothing, especially in ID theft by illegals.

IT almost appears that DOJ and IRS have orders to do nothing, but perhaps I am just cynical.