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An Interesting Action Challenging the Census

12010_census_reapportionmentJudicial Watch, a notoriously conservative group, has filed a Amicus Curiae Brief with Supreme Court. This is a opinion on case Louisiana v. Bryson What's it all about? Counting illegal immigrants in the 2010 Census.

The state of Louisiana, in a broad new challenge to the role of undocumented immigrants in American society, asked the Supreme Court on Monday to rule that those who are in the country illegally should not be counted in the ten-year national census, at least for purposes of deciding how to divide up seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. In a lawsuit filed directly in the Court, without prior action in lower courts, the state contended that it has been denied one potential seat in the House because illegal immigrants are counted in census totals, putting Louisiana at a disadvantage in House apportionment. The first step in the case of Louisiana v. Bryson (140 Original) is for the Court to decide whether to allow the lawsuit to go forward in the Court, presumably after hearing from the federal government.

Seven Year Old Owes Back Taxes For $60K Earnings

7 year old Carpentersville Illinois resident is just the latest victim in identity theft. The seven year old received a letter from the IRS requested payment of taxes owed from past earning of $60,000. This second grader had his Social Security Number stolen and illegally used by a Cirilo Centeno, 29 of Streamwood, Illinois. Cirilio Centeno admits he purchased the Social Security Number for $50 in 2001. And has used the card number to obtain employment, a truck, utilities for his home, a credit card, and unemployment benefits.