Site Upgrade!

Hello All Economic Populists. The site has been upgraded. We're still adding features and fine tuning the site. For now, if anyone has any problems logging in, using the site, funky display, or any other problems, please let us know.

We've had to do some of the design in place, due to the difficulty of such a fast moving site and limited server resources. So, please let us know any problems, but be aware we are also designing, making changes as fast as we can.

We hope the upgrade allows our mobile readers a better experience, so please give us feedback on that groove mobile thing, any type of phone, especially those who can only view "" sites.

Right now, we have a new comment system that is jQuery, a screaming fast automatic loading of forms. There is a recommend comment system which eventually will highlight our best comment du jour.

Look for a new forum for all registered users soon. It will be in the menu bar under Instapopulist.

Most of the features of the old site are still here, just in different places. All of our favorite economics sites which used to be in the side bars will have their own page and linked in the menu bar.

Stay tuned and try out the comments by leaving feedback and bug reports!

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Spam coming up on "Recent comments"

Nice, very nice work! But spam has already shown up and is dominating "Recent comments." It's all spam crap in that section.


Yuck, seems our automatic spam deletion isn't working after the upgrade. Temporarily, anonymous comments have been disabled until I figure out why automatic spam delete isn't working.

Thanks Kurtz!

did you see my email do you

to repost your comments lost in the upgrade? I'm hoping you can give some feedback to see if I can tweak the new comment loader.

Hopefully today we'll have new articles.


I like the new site. I don't know if it's my outdated IRS computer or if the site is messed up but the first box has not data in it and a box to the side.

"IRS" Computer

Can you tell me what OS and browser you are using? i.e. XP, Internet Explorer 8 or dare I say Windows 2000? (no way!) This site has ads and I suspect they are blocking ads from the layout description, but those blocks should collapse.

It's probable the site is messed up and we like screen shots, just email.

Known issue, working on a fix:

the comments so they stay open after replying and when linking from another area in the site. TBD.

Glitch - comments are posted, appear quickly, then disappear

The comment subject will still show up under "recent comments," but immediately after posting the comment, it will appear, but then disappear. Even after trying to link to the comment by hitting it under "recent comments," the comment might appear for <1 sec. and then disappear.

click on "display comments"

Seems I need to make that clearer to click on "display comments" to have them all show up.

There is a problem in that once you replay they default to being hidden as well as when linking. I have to hack up this code, already have so I'm going to try to fix this so the only thing when effects whether comments are displayed or not is clicking the "display comments" and "hide comments".

Would you prefer better titles, such as "Show Comments" or something to make it more clear that needs to be clicked on?

Okay, got it figured out

Display comments is fine. Is there still the option for the comment author to edit his/her comments once posted (until there's a response) or is that no longer an option?

try it now

Now I know why so many sites have not upgraded to Drupal 7. ;) Also, I really want fast loading comments, so I will continue to rewrite this code to get it to extreme fast usefulness. There was no functioning anything contributed so this is one of many additions I had to rewrite (or write, as in coding write). Suggestions are most welcome. I hated the old comments for it took way too long to write one.

new site layout

what i miss having is a list of your recent posts...i had been using that to copy text links to your posts, which i not only aggregate but also often email...

i can, of course, make my own text links, but that's two steps, and im a lazy bastard...

rjs lazy bastard, read this, snark

I wish you would create an account and login, rjs uber-lurker extrodinaire!

It's not well formatted but I created a page called recent, see in the menu, click recent and there will be the latest 20 new items of any kind. Let me know if this works for you, for one of the main goals in the site upgrade is to vastly improve the ability to easily find things and share articles, etc.


did you know i could not read your comment (or any others) until i was approved?
seems like that recent comment gadget has some bugs in it you didnt intend...

the text links on the recent page can be copied & pasted ok, that's what i was looking for...


comment trouble persists

i cant seem to view my own comments even when signed in...tried with 2 different browsers (IE, chrome)


click display comments

To display comments, click display comments. Also, not logged in you should be able to view comments now.

What I need to fix on comments is once one hits that display comments link, it should stay open until it is clicked again. I have to modify the code, so bear with me. Lots of issues, no surprise, that need fixing. For now, just make sure you can see comments by clicking display comments.

its ok

ok, i figured it on display comments...duh...


it will change

I have some major mods dealing with server issues, jQuery, caching of scripts, etc. so, I hope to get these major bugs worked out by the end of the weekend.

Comments are now on jQuery, which I want but there are dependencies here, plus there is no open source offerings to solve this, so I'm basically rewriting code as I go along (as I ended up doing extensively! No, Drupal is not "out of the box" period!)

I ended up having to take the site to production and live simply because I am one person and this is just a time sink, it's really enterprise web/code development and supposedly we're the little guy economics site, not discussing the fine advanced concepts of enterprise site development. ;)

So, there are numerous issues with server caching, config never mind site issues I'm going to have to fix on the production server and God willing I'll nail 'em all down by Sunday.


maybe "hide comments" should be your default...or color 'display comments' so it's evident that its a link (as it seems im not the only one confused by it)


site bugs, please report

Gotta love it, something broken preview so what is wrong with comments is much more in depth. Wow, so glad I created multiple sandboxes and dev. environments writing and testing this code to have the entire site break once I put it in production.

Woe is me. I am going to put a filter on comments so the comments show us talking about what we came here to do, economics, but this thread I need people to switch gears and report problems.

I'm not kidding, I have an entire server, 100% models to exactly this one, code, everything identical. Production broken, dev. working as designed. Lovely.

No bugs, just notes/observations

Definitely liking the new look - it's much sharper visually.
Just wondering, did you want to keep or get rid of the "reads" listing other sites that cover economics because I know the old version had a list of them on the side. Or just list sites that list yours, either way.

This is a must our list of new posts from other sites

Good, that is a serious goal, to make articles be as readable as possible. Additionally 100% access from mobile devices. Of course the other goal is to have some new articles to read! ;)

This bug is a major show stopper and from where it came I just don't know. I might have to run the production site as a development site with full debugging everything to find it.

Ok, two major features to be added! One is the Instapopulist where any registered and logged in user (Eper) can write whatever they want as long as it is economics related in some way.

Second major feature is a "mega blog roll". I don't know what to call it but it will be a page, just like the other pages, of all of those side bar other sites we say showing their latest offerings but all on one page, accessed by the menu. Just click on it, and I'm going to try to have the updates more timely so we can see immediately all of the latest offerings. I'll be adding some of the more commercial sites that are worth reading possibly since there is much more real estate to put it all on this way.

I personally need those blocks because it's one stop shopping plus we are sister sites with many of them, they reference us, we reference them. I need it just to have a fast view on what's going on or what did I miss that they caught. Why it will be separated, page load speed, fast load, plus page layout/real estate.

So, bug or not, I should have those two features added by tomorrow. Although the bug is all preview forms do not work, something is vectoring to outer space on all previews so to create an Instapopulist space where anyone can write and have more visibility on their thoughts, I need preview to work.

More later.

changed recent comments to exclude techno site babble

Just a FYI, but we want the site to be about economics and so we can now safely chatter about what's going on with the upgrade without having it take over the site. See "recent comments" doesn't post the admin forum comments anymore.

major bug discovered

My show stopper bug was finally discovered. I spun my wheels thinking it had to do with the upgrade, server config or custom code. Drupal core bug that has to do with caching.

If they don't fix it I'll have to rig up a fix, but the good news is the rest of the site requests, issues hopefully are my screw up (ha ha). Ya all know de government uses Drupal? Ya all know they pay people to do this shit?

previous side bars of other sites now in news reader in menu

You'll see a new link in the main menu, news reader. It is dynamic, and will change depending on who has new posts/articles published.

Folks, keep the commentary coming for this is great feedback. I know what I like but this thread has greatly informed me of the various ways people want a site to be, which is very cool.

mobile user

Folks, I'm working on the mobile version of the site. I'd like to hear feedback on how it's working. My dev. is a WAP browser, going for the lowest denominator since that's where usability would fall apart most I think. If you have Android, tablets, esp. more unusual mobile, let me know how it's looks.

TBD: Comments - code rewrite to protect against spammers for anonymous comments

Instapopulist - it's coming!

New bug sorry about that

While creating the new Instapopulist it looks like permissions became corrupted and so commenting might have been disabled. Sorry, working on the fix!

Instapopulist back open!

The Instapopulist is restructured due to database errors and I dare say it is much better than the previous version. There is a block to show the latest, plus the Instapopulist has it's own page and the display is in columns. As it populates we'll see how well people navigate. I don't expect that much use although it would be nice is more people did. EP audience is reader heavy, but more participation since Economics is a group contact sport, would be lovely.

Admin stuff - working on the comments folks so complain here

I'm working on debugging the comments. The idea is to have super fast loading comments but to get it all to work right requires debugging and much more to enable anonymous comments.

Yes, I do know that when clicking on a recent comment you have to reclick on the show comments link. Working, but whatever other issue let me know.

Another reason to keep comments closed initially is simply page load, how fast an article displays. We are a chatty bunch and write great detail so our articles and discussions in terms of web page load are really big.

Instapopulist posting just shows up in general "comments"

I posted an "Argentina - IMF" Instapopulist, but then it just shows up as a Comment and Instapopulist doesn't have it.

to create an Instapopulist - click on create content

You see that "create content" on the navigation menu? You have to open that and then write your post. The navigation menu has a header "navigation" and you'll see create content and that's what you need to click on.

The forms open are comments and I just closed them so one has to click on "add comment" to make it more confusing. Hopefully I will fix the recent comment click to the actual comment instead of the "display comments" bar tomorrow.

New Comment Structure, Try It Out! - EP Admin

The comments are now threaded and heavily dynamic. I personally have to have threaded comments to follow the discussion. When clicking on individual comments to read they should automatically display for you now as well as the page should stay open once you click the comment section display.

Update: There are still bugs in the comments, working on a fix. The idea is to have dynamic comments, yet if one wants to read an individual comment from the recent comments list, or the various rss feeds, that particular comment is automatically displayed and then one can open the rest surrounding ones. It works for replies at the moment, but not for top level comments. The rest stands on your input. The idea is to make comments easier to read and follow yet not cause this massive super long page that one must scroll through to read them all.

Update 2: Oh so sorry, comments were supposed to stay open after replying to a comment and they were in test. I wonder if I should have written this from scratch instead of taking some code that wasn't working and trying to fix it at this point. Sorry, hopefully will have a new version in the next couple of days.

Please be the guinea pigs, click about and let me know what problems, irritants and whatever you think about the comments. Easy discussion is critical to EP and if these fall short just let me know.

The "recommend" gray button on the right, please consider using. After a while the plan is to have comment du jour is a special box and that would be the comment with the most recommends. That little box actually records all of the recommendations so we have highlight awesome commentary.

The comments finally at least have the major bugs fixed. There were no working AJAX comments code available. In Drupal open source, all of it would throw errors and not function. I took the least spaghetti code one and rewrote it to function in a manner I thought usable plus fixing the outright coding bugs. Beyond testing for security issues I didn't do much design/cross platform testing. Bottom line, please let me know if something is not working or just ridiculous.

commenting without registering

It's looking good that I've finally got the commenting without registering fixed. Folks, I know registration and logging in is a pain, so I hope to improve that in the future, but please consider it for there will be more features to enable people to track their comments, plus you can now write your own Instapopulist.

Anyone having problems writing comments, especially registered users let me know, by email if necessary.

As always anonymous comments go into a moderation queue. Only registered users can write without moderation.

server problems, sorry about that

Sorry about the continuing server problems. Shopping now for a new server. Big pain to migrate to new servers but seems Servint has just completely flaked on us. (: Probably let it go on way too long as it is.

Hosting company blew away the server, sorry, missing comments!

Folks, I'm very sorry. The hosting company literally blew away the entire server, site and as a result we have lost content. That's the latest comments for fortunately there were no new articles.

Sigh. Thanks for bearing with us on these server issues. It is looking like I need to find EP a new home at this point. I'll have more updates later.

Site still semi-not working

Only way to access different parts of site is to link directly to them. Trying to visit EP Front Page or EP from a web search isn't working.

New Server migration This evening

I'm moving the site to a new VPS, new company, new server. Enough is enough and probably should have done this months ago.

For now trying emptying your browser cache and I'm moving on this as fast as I can, but I won't be posting any new articles today due to working on the site.

I sure as hell hope this solves our problems!

New Server

Hi Folks, thanks for bearing with us. We're on a new server and if you have problems, trying clearing your browser cache, even cookies. If that doesn't work, leave a comment or email us for technical difficulties.

I hope this is the last of server crashes and other fun stuff!