Wal-Mart Worker Dies in Black Friday Stampede

A Walmart worker was trambled to death by shoppers.

A man working for Wal-Mart was killed on Friday when a throng of shoppers surged into a Long Island, New York, store and physically broke down the doors, a police spokesman said.

The 34-year-old man was at the entrance of the Valley Stream Walmart store just after it opened at 5 a.m. local time and was knocked to the ground, the police report said.

Consumer madness to save a few bucks turns into a mass hysteria frenzy. Dangerous conditions happen every year just to get the bargains. Stores now open at 4am.

More injuries.

Somehow I don't think this is all worth it over cheap plastic toys.

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It's not fitting to our society at all. as HULIQ write http://www.huliq.com/1/73764/black-friday-walmart-death-worker-trampled Black Friday shamefully made a black mark on the retail store. Our society should be ashamed of this sort of consumerism

I could never understand the appeal

of waiting until today to do holiday shopping. I worked in retail, everyone knows the scam. Take a product hike the price up prior to "Black Friday" then "reduce the price" on that day. A coat that in the Summer fetched $20 because it was not a seasonal product. By September or October, the price is slowly increased to $35, then on Black Friday it's "dropped" to $30 and you're told you're getting a discount. How do I know this, because I did the same thing while I worked at both Sears and Marshal Fields when I was in High School. Mind you, it wasn't just coats either.

Mass Psychology

of the consumer society, perpetuated by marketing and sales techniques. They are out of control with this to the point people are getting injured and now death on Black Friday.

I can't find it but I could swear a few died two years ago too.

I won't step out of the house personally on Friday, absolute hysteria.

There was the one in Japan

back in 2000 or so when the Playstation 2 came out. Some kid got trampled in the Akikabara district mall. A few years ago, one of my relative who was a cop in Pittsburgh arrested two mothers during that Elmo toy craze. They were fighting in the middle of a story over one friggin' toy.

Dysfunctional family

I deprogrammed myself but I can remember when the gift, type of gift was critical to get perceived affection. What crap. I really have a hard time with marketing, sales people who use psychology, mass psychology and sociology to manipulate people into these beliefs. I really do, it's unethical to me and very powerful.

I actually had a really rough time with the Obama campaign because I saw these same techniques. The entire change motif, using an ill defined term, not defined which psychologically enabled the consumer (voter) to project what they believed change meant onto the campaign, now thinking that is what Obama meant.

Of course as we are seeing from the Economic team and we assuredly saw from votes, advisers, policy positions in the campaign, what was really going on but unfortunately most people get caught up on the PR of a campaign and don't even read real position papers (white papers).

The Presidency is now just another Tickle-Me Elmo that is

being sold...nothing more.


That is absolutely

So funny and would make a great blog title. I hope you write it. I for one has extremely not impressed by team Obama. It sure seems like they intend on pushing the corporate agenda regardless of fact of consequence.

This is the result of the extremely effective...

...modern media campaign. The conscious decision to strip away 'modern man' by bypassing the cortex and bringing to bear our knowledge of how the medulla oblongata works and using it to control behavior. We will see more of this especially in the political arena.

Watch for giant sound arrays at upcoming 'speeches'. And....

...be very worried.

'When you see a rattlesnake poised to strike, you do not wait until he has struck to crush him.'

yet another post

Just how much money is in the business of manipulation of the primitive brain. LIke right now, we have information overload on the bail out but very few are pointing out the total amount of money pledged is not only 60^ of our GDP but could pay for almost every single mortgage in the United States. How much of a disconnect is that one and it's like the American people have been barraged with bullshit instead of that basic fact.