Goldman Sachs Gives Pay to Play Fee to the SEC

Remember how Goldman Sachs stuffed a CDO with toxic assets and made $15 million. Remember all of the other crooked dealings they did? How Goldman Sachs made $33 billion off of AIG by buying credit default swaps?

The SEC is settling with Goldman Sachs for $550 million.

That's just insulting to the American people frankly and why the post title is pay to play. This is like a toll on the corporate corruption super highway.

It's the autobahn too, no speed limits, for nothing, absolutely nothing happens to these corporations who literally risk bringing down the global economy.

Oh yeah, they passed Financial Reform which does nothing to break up the big banks, reduce systemic risk and does not ban derivatives like the above.

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Naked Capitalism does analysis

It's pretty amusing, she's hoping there is a window for civil litigation and as she updates, oops, guess not.

read here.

But at least my overall "emotional" statement on the case rings true.

If anyone watched CNBC it was disgusting. All they cared about was market cap, quarterly earnings and worshiping Goldman. I think all of those people should be required to wear vampire teeth while broadcasting. That and their frat house sweatshirts.

Zerohedge says SEC vote along party lines

here, but the GOP voted no.

Nice to know our regulatory agencies are not political or corrupt.