Displacing American Labor Through Foreign Guest Worker Visas

While the Wall Street Journal tries to claim software engineer is the best job, whistle blower Jay Palmer is blowing the lid off the dire straights most American technical workers are facing today. We have brazen labor arbitrage through abuse of the United States foreign guest worker system. American workers with college degrees, high skills and years of experience, are either fired or not hired. Systemically U.S. STEM labor is displaced and replaced by cheap foreign guest workers, some on immigration visas which are not even legal.

CBS News did a great segment overviewing how corporations are manipulating the system for profit and greed.



Infosys is now under federal investigation and of course shipping company employees out of the country to avoid depositions.

In what may be the most glaring demonstration of a calculated pre-trial housecleaning strategy to date, Infosys has made a sweeping change of personnel in its human resources operation in the United States. The overhaul includes the removal of key personnel who had responsibilities directly related to alleged illegal visa activity being investigated by U.S. government authorities.

The most recent U.S.-based senior HR official to be sent back to India is Poornima Prasad, who as Human Resources Business Leader was instrumental in running Infosys’ HR operations in the Americas region, and in authorizing immigration-related activities from the company’s Plano, Texas, office. Prasad’s departure follows the quiet exits of Arun Silvester, Infosys’ head of U.S. immigration, and Eshan Joshi, an associate vice president of human resources.

Yet Infosys is not alone in systemically displacing highly skilled and educated Americans with foreign guest workers. STEM worker displacement has been going on for some time and it's all about labor arbitrage. Just this week yet another lawsuit was filed against yet another Indian I.T. firm.

A former human resources manager at Larsen & Toubro InfoTech Limited Inc., a leading India-based IT services firm, accused the company of visa fraud in a complaint filed this week in a federal court in New Jersey.

Mumbai-based Larsen & Toubro is a major user of H-1B visas, ranking fifth last year on the list of largest visa users. The company had 1,608 visa approvals in 2011, according to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service.

The surprise is finally people are standing up and filing lawsuits. Previously people were forced to train their replacements, shuttered from high paying careers to working at home depot as retail sales clerks.

Overall tech jobs have actually shrunk in the United States. A new report shows, tech jobs actually declined much more than the national average and these employment figures include foreign guest workers in the count. The BLS table below shows how much in Massachusetts and the United States, STEM employment has declined.

high tech ind

Literally an entire high tech industry, communications equipment, was lost by 2009. The below BLS charts shows how Silicon valley not only has never recovered from dot con, they also offshore outsourced the jobs.

lost silicon valley jobs

In spite of overwhelming evidence, the never ending lobbyist chant claiming there is a tech worker shortage drones on and on. Most recently tone deaf VP Joe Biden added insult to injury, even after President Obama was caught red handed spinning the same tall worker shortage tales.

Obama promised this guy a job after getting nailed in a lie during a online interactive media event. Out of work engineer Wedel's wife confronted Obama about her husband's jobless situation, at which point Obama promised to help, Seems Wedel was displaced by a H-1B foreign guest worker even while possessing advanced skills. To make matters worse, he cannot leave the North Texas area due to a custody legal ruling by the courts. While Obama promised to find Wedel a job, after all he's clearly highly skilled, surprise, he's still out of work months later. Some shortage huh?

Palmer, by the way, is a hero. Literally, since Infosys cannot fire him, it would be clear retaliation, they are instead psychologically torturing him for blowing the whistle on their Visa fraud and abuse. We need more Palmers in the world and far less media plants claiming there is a worker shortage.




This is an issue you care about. I have family members who were displaced by H-1B Visas. Also I worked as a relocation specialist helping bring in those H-1B Visa workers because they had been trained overseas to the US company's specifications as a cost savings for the company. In contrast my son was told by a Chinese Airline he was being hired to train Chinese pilots and then would be asked to leave. Which company cares about its citizens?

the lawsuits are different

This is so systemic and use of a Visa where it's clear holders cannot work on it, if the U.S. bothers to investigate, the case should be a slam dunk.

The Bush administration wasn't going to do a damn thing and clearly the Obama administration has the same lobbyists.

This is a really big deal, you cannot ask Americans to go into massive debt, take on very difficult college degrees in STEM and then labor arbitrage them. The result is Americans are not going to invest, spend, work to study and obtain these skills, for beyond coming up with the next Google or Facebook in your dorm room, a regular job/employment career in established businesses just isn't going to pay out, over the course of a work career.

Good Viewpoint

Why pay for 4+ years of college and ongoing training when your job will be sold off to someone who has little to no education mortgage hanging over their head.

I have read that in India the total cost of an education from the lowest grade level through college is $100,000 TOTAL. Guess what they have the same books and computers as we do.

Not to instigate because that's not the purpose of saying this but everything that the Government sticks it's hand into to 'make it affordable' creates a false bottom and in the end makes that service unaffordable. Education, healthcare and housing. Sure housing is more affordable now but who can afford a home with no job? Construction unemployment still over 17%.

So the work visa's are attacking American workers at the high end, the illegals are attacking American workers at the low end.

This added workforce pool skews legitimate supply and demand for work here lowering wages overall.

One of Obama's promises was to stop rewarding US companies for sending jobs over seas. I voted for him in part for that and the other was to send the troops home. Neither seems likely to happen in this term. He's probably still a better choice than Romney but people forget that Romney signed the first universal (maybe I'm wrong on this) health care act for a state. He's more a pragmatist than a conservative imo.

I think everyone, one way or

I think everyone, one way or another is getting affected by the current economic conditions.
The whole unemployment thing is just one of the major factors

Check out Dailyjobcuts

Nothing new here, move along

Nothing new here, move along folks. I'm serious, this is nothing new. Tech firms have been engaged in this practice for many years now. Lay-off your U.S. citizen because their position is "no longer necessary" - then hire the H-1B visa holder to fill the same job with a slightly different title (fire them when the visa expires and bring in a new, cheaper, foreign worker). So, between this gambit and off-shoring a raft of tech-related functions you're left we the mess we have now. Guess nobody noticed until now, unless you were the experienced DBA or systems analyst who was laid-off.

since 1990 in fact

You're right but I would hope it's not move along, simply because of the denial and lobbyists who repress these stories has also been in full force since 1990.

What's slightly different in this case is the use of the B-1 Visa, it's more black and white that one cannot work on this Visa, period. So, if the U.S. Justice system isn't completely corrupt, the case, which is systemic, plenty of evidence, against these Indian based body shops, should be a slam dunk.

But pursuing Infosys is like pursuing Enron or Microsoft, they are that large in India.

Similarly we see Goldman Sachs and Banksters also getting away with about anything.

But regardless you have to raise up these issues to have any prayer's chance of getting justice.

Senator Chuck Grassley's office is aware of this and maybe he might get somewhere in Congress in stopping these abuses.

U.S. Justice System

Bob, efforts by Programmer's Guild have been stopped by
Superior, Appeals and Supreme Courts in attempt after attempt. Yeah, I would say, corrupt.

Burton Leed

Au Contrarie - What's new about H-1b? Mainstream Media Coverage

We have a saying in the US - if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Nothing new, eh? How about exposure of the truth to millions of American citizens about American high tech talent who have lost our jobs, homes, healthcare, savings and much more through the brazen "labor arbitrage" big lie.

Sadly it costs money to buy a voice - laid off Americans need to decide between dinner and going to the doctor... We don't have the money create mindshare with mainstream media (via ad $$$), and politicians thru contributions, PAC and much more. Obama and Biden bought into the big lie hook line and sinker and never both to question why greedy companies whine and complain about finding American talent - of course you can't find American talent when all you to is try to replace it.

Lies, lies, and damn lies. What's new is the emperor has no clothes and I applaud American hero Jay Palmer and CBS news for their bravery to expose these lies.

My hope is that the sleeping giant, American voters. will see through the charade and insist that these criminals get prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Sooner, not later. American talent is more than ready, willing and able to restore our country back to greatness.

Lack of American "mindshare"

True and I might add that American high-tech workers were never very united. Rather, the work place is referred to as "the pit" because of the backstabbers, brown nosers, sadistic bosses and coworkers, etc.

In other words there was never any unity. It is a obama-eat-dog workplace.

There is no strong voice of unity because everyone only cares about themselves. Even though there are so many suffering from this it is the polarized political climate that divides the unified voice. This polarization is is carefully maintained and seems to work quite well. The humiliation of destitution...it is better to end it quickly than to suffer a slow miserable death on the brutal streets of America.

Yes but it will not be done with republicans at the helm

The primary goal of republicans is to favor big businesses and allow Wall Street to "still" everyone else's money (it is true that for the big investors to win the smaller investors have to lose), not necessarily small businesses. The small businesses will generally remain small because the big ones will not let them grow. And the big ones are the ones who maintain the republicans in their seats.
We must let democrats gain full power of the executive and legislative for them to favor the majority of people.. remember Labor laws exist to protect employees.. and that is a democratic principle.. not a republican one. The republican idea that just lowering taxes on businesses will create jobs is preposterous.. They know jobs will not be created that way.. People have been losing their jobs to H1B/L1 excessive influx... People have been losing their jobs because the financial system almost collapsed due to the greed of just a few people who knew how to systematically (through complicated financial products... pure paper) still the money from a great number of people. These individuals are the small percentage the republicans want to make you believe are going to self-regulate. These are the companies that have been replacing well qualified US Citizens with H1B/L1 individuals they outsourced the jobs to.
It is time to stop (at least slow down significantly) these programs until the unemployed get hired again. If there is one qualified US Citizen here in the US that is unemployed, there should not be one H1B/L1 application approved.. Why, because that qualified US Citizen spent his american money to get educated here in the US, and that individual will spend all his salary here in the US, by living here and educating his/her children here and consuming everything that is sold here in the US, whether produced here or imported, but sold here at the domestic price, and who will obtain a mrtgage to obtain the american dream.

"staple green cards to their heads" both parties!

Corporate lobbyists are after more H-1B Visas and a really super bad idea, to turn our educational system into a green card machine. They completely ignore the facts and even spin the statistics on patents....all to labor arbitrage STEM occupations per the demands of Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, HP and notice these same companies have laid off thousands, literally thousands at a time, U.S. citizen STEM.

Doing this will throw thousands of U.S. citizens with STEM occupational areas out of their careers. It will also squeeze further, U.S. citizens even getting into college and deny them career choices, opportunities.

Both parties will do this because these corporate lobbyists are paying both parties to sell out U.S. citizens and they are happy to oblige. Why? Because U.S. STEM employment is only about 8 million and that is not enough voters to sway an election or even a district!

What is true, since you're on the left I suspect, is the AFL-CIO, in particular the DPE and the teamsters are fighting against this but as well know Democrats blow off unions too.

About the only hope is to have voters, citizens, shut down the Congressional communication systems and call, write, email, fax their representatives to stop this insanity.

So, on this issue for us, it's nonpartisan, we have Senators Bernie Sanders to Chuck Grassley trying to stop this, yet when it comes to both parties, Congressional leadership and Presidential politics they both are hell bent on selling out U.S. professionals for their corporate donor class.

When overviewing policies and there are three posts here at the moment that are "hot topics" of the Presidential election, I dig out facts, statistics but do my best to give equal slams as we find the statistical spin.

On this topic, we have no friends except a few brace Congressional representatives and Senators and as we all know, most of Congress is on the perfectly legal take.

Right now, they are planning on passing HR 3012, which is another, more subtle plan sell immigration via EB-3, or green cards and this also will labor arbitrage U.S. engineers.

Robert is absolutely wrong

Robert is absolutely wrong about H.R.3012.

This bill is all about, giving green card in a first come first server basis, without changing the total number of green cards provided by US.

not wrong and there are a host of other companion bills

with plans to try to sneak in more H-1Bs and more green cards has a host of bills with plans to pass in the lame duck.

HR 3012 is the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2011

Which removes the limits or per country quotas on green cards. Napal uses few green cards, India, as an example since they focus on BPO services, on the other hand will import as many "tech" workers as possible. Employer sponsored green cards, by removing the quotas per country, means these corporations can snatch up green cards destined for Africa, Europe, Canada and so on. There goes diversity and there gives India, where 7% of GDP relies on technology transfer of U.S. services and U.S. jobs, a truly unfair comparative advantage by manipulation of the U.S. immigration system.

This is a back door increase for this means India can send over way more tech workers and frankly what difference does it make, a green card or a guest worker Visa, labor substitution is native worker displacement regardless of vehicle or method.

This will simply be yet another foreign worker importation method via the India BPO industry and this statement acknowledges that a green card is superior to a guest worker Visa simply because the worker has more rights and freedoms.

The backlogs are one of the tricks to which reduces the flood of workers targeting U.S. jobs and also blunts the technology transfers out of the U.S. to some degree.

What should be happening is a strong limiting of green cards and issuance not on country quotas but on fee bidding wars for any corporate sponsored green card, which is what this bill is referring to and hence the title.

If a employee is so critical then assuredly a large corporation can cough up $20k or bid on green cards to get a green card for that person. Seriously, a security clearance for 1 person is $20k, the lowest level, secret. There is no reason for large corporations simply to pay up and thus guarantee this worker really is critical and needs a green card.

There should be a limit of employer sponsored green cards and additionally corporations should be required to bid on those cards.

If employer sponsored green cards won't bid on the ones available, now that says quite a bit about the critical nature of that employee and perhaps, instead, that corporation should be hiring someone who is already here and needs a job.

legal permanent resident status should be limited and it should be costly. Else, by removing the per country green card quota caps, one introduces yet another method of immigration manipulation for the purposes of labor arbitrage.

backdoor H-1B Visa increase

another element these lobbyists like to do is say once a green card is awarded, the guest worker Visa the worker is currently on can be "returned" and used again, even though this "reuse" exceeds the current fiscal year cap.

It's unclear if this bill will slip in a recapture clause but odds are they will try it. It has no salary test, no U.S. worker is available for the job test.

Current legislative text appears to not have Visa recapture, but that means nothing.

I sincerely doubt as the bill text stands now that's how it will pass. The infamous manager's amendment is something the public doesn't get to read, as to many Senators and often rewrites bills after the fact and is the last amendment vote, often by voice, before final passage of the bill.

Now all of this said, this bill is WAY superior to the agenda to turn universities into a green card ATM, no doubt about it. That is a real disaster but bottom line, there isn't a single piece of legislation taking on global labor arbitrage period and that would entail requiring everything in the nation-state, jobs, education, put the citizens as preferred for those jobs, education.

What is the point of a nation-state anyway if the citizens are last in line for opportunities, education, jobs, staring businesses, innovation and so on in their own country?

That's what's going on here and frankly, people do not pull innovation or patents out of their ass. To get to that point, people need support, deep education, funding, all sorts of elements to make that happen. It's also cultural. Americans have paid a lot of taxes for those supports, yet in terms of reaping the reward, right now it's "anyone but an American" even though the point of public universities receiving taxpayer funds is to educate citizens of the state.

In the Debate: Staple a Green Card to Every Diploma

The phrase "staple a Green Card to every diploma" was used. The worst thing about O and Mittens, is how they both trip over each other to kiss the asses of the MNC immigration lobbies that fill Congress's halls.

Burton Leed

The Entire Debate Quote From Romney on Math and Science Visas

I want our legal system to work better. I want it to be streamlined, I want it to be clearer. I don’t think you have to — shouldn’t have to hire a lawyer to figure out how to get into this country legally. I also think that we should give visas to people — green cards, rather, to people who graduate with skills that we need, people around the world with accredited degrees in — in science and math get a green card stapled to their diploma, come to the US of A. We should make sure that our legal system works.

The more you read this quote, the worse it looks.

Burton Leed

Obama is the same and worse

They completely ignore the occupational statistics vs. the degrees awarded to U.S. citizens in STEM, that the U.S. is graduating way more STEM than there are jobs available as it is. Both of them will labor arbitrage engineers & scientists.

Obama claims only "low pay and repetitive jobs" are offshore outsourced. That is completely wrong, the high pay, career oriented jobs are being offshore outsourced.

Advanced R&D was and is being offshore outsourced, not just Computers, Engineering but Chemical engineering, pharmaceutical research, the list goes on and on. The highest paying middle class jobs are being offshore outsourced and also these are supposedly the jobs which generate "more jobs". (not if you offshore outsource your manufacturing do they!).

Victory in the Battle to Reclaim US Jobs - Mainstream media cove

Nothing new? I respectfully disagree. Perception is reality. This week's mainstream media coverage is a big win to expose the truth to millions of Americans. The big lie, we can't find qualified American talent is a flat out lie. Greedy corporations (foreign companies like Infosys, Wipro, etc. and US e.g. IBM, Microsoft ) perpetuate the labor arbitrage big. The big lie strategy - tell an outrageous story often enough and eventually people think its the truth. Google big lie and you'll see tragic results in modern history about how effective this well proven strategy works in history.

Sadly it costs money to buy a voice - laid off Americans replaced by less experienced, less qualified foreign talent, need to decide between dinner and going to the doctor... We don't have the money create mindshare with mainstream media (via ad $$$), and politicians thru contributions, PAC and much more. Obama and Biden bought into the big lie hook line and sinker and never both to question why greedy companies whine and complain about finding American talent - of course you can't find American talent when all you to is try to replace it.

Lies, lies, and damn lies. What's new is the emperor has no clothes and I applaud American hero Jay Palmer and CBS news for their bravery to expose these lies.


Big pharma is notorious for staffing it Human Resources departments with H1-bs. Hundreds of thousands of Pharma jobs have been lost in the last ten years but the Corps still bring in L-1's and H-1's.

Computer scientists though have it the worst. Many Chinese companies use tourist visas and individuals with expired visas. They buy apartments in the USA to keep them off the radar.

Absolutely correct

Here's a link showing exactly that:

illegal immigration and Voter fraud

So the disreputable Eric Holder, Attorney General, head honcho and known for his alleged involvement in the gun running scandal (Fast & Furious) who took the oath of office to protect and defend America's citizens, stating that Voter fraud, "“does not really exist,” Plus he has used the huge resources of the taxpayer to hound the unprotected states of Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, South Carolina and possible other states in the future, who have been sued for trying to save their citizen and residents from illegal alien public assistance programs.

But what has been just been exposed in Florida, is that non citizens have been caught simply because when called in for jury duty, they have told the court officials that they cannot perform jury duty as they are not citizens. But what really clinched this failure of the election law in Florida and most probably thousands of U.S. counties and voting districts throughout America, it the reason they were held accountable is that these non citizens, were caught because they had registered to vote.

One Naples voter admitted she was not a U.S. Citizen, nor a legal immigrant – but election records show she voted six times in the past eleven years. My only hope is that potential president Mitt Romney investigates these violations of the federal election laws, as it might overshadow his election in November. Even now there are the protests in the streets, specifically over Arizona’s legitimate pressure to inform the U.S. government, they cannot afford to subsidize every illegal alien who circumvents the border looking for a better life? Alabama has also shown just cause to fight back against unfair federal mandates. What about the American impoverished, who have had their welfare rights cut back because the insidious invasion from other countries. Very shortly the people will know if SB1070 is constitutional or not and then all hell could break loose. This has been forced on them over thirty years, because not only have been occupied, but because Ronald Reagan signing the amnesty program in 1986, was the beginning of the failure for four administrations to stop illegal immigration.

The stunning investigative report by Andy Pierroti of NBC-2 in Fort Myers included interviews and voting documents illuminating nearly 100 non-citizens who are illegally registered and in some cases have voted in elections as far back as 2001. Election officials tell the television station that thanks to Florida's 1992 Motor Voter Law, it is not acceptable to ask potential voters for proof of citizenship; accordingly, they can only investigate fraud if they get a tip. As a consequence, election officials have contacted these persons discovered in the NBC-2 report. . His investigative report came just two days after the Tampa Bay Times claimed voter fraud in Florida was imaginary.

Since only official investigators checked a very small sample of jury relief forms, one can only envision how many thousands, or even tens of thousands of illegal’s aliens statewide who may have voted since the Motor Voter law was introduced in 1993.

William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), evidence exists that illegal nationals are voting in mass numbers in several states. Gheen has made this statement, but other organizations think it is nationwide.

"He also stated, “In the states of Texas, California, and Florida, this gives them the ability to control national electoral politics," adding "The Democrats are registering and voting illegal immigrants en masse -- especially west of the Mississippi, where we believe they saved [Nevada Senator] Harry Reid's campaign." The ALIPAC spokesman says fraudulent voting has dire consequences for the future of the country.

"If you're a conservative voter and you ever want to win elections again, you have to stop this," he argues. "... No conservative is going to get elected to anything in this country in another five to ten years if we don't stop the massive theft of U.S. elections happening right now in America with illegal alien voters."

The left are facing a harsh election year and are furious, ready to do everything in their power to stop Voter ID laws from being enacted. The Obama Department of Justice is on the warpath against South Carolina Texas and – inventing fictional “racial profiling” to block the popular voter ID laws in those states. With Liberal backing the Democrats will do anything to halt the use of photo ID, and are trying to accomplish this currently.

Every voting precinct in America need to check their election rolls, as Non-citizen voting is a Federal felony and should be prosecuted as such. We can no longer trust this great price of the vote offered to us by the founding fathers and the U.S. Constitution. And now, an outstanding reporter in Florida has uncovered shocking fraud in that state – registration and voting by non-citizens – which officials had no idea what is was happening, since they are prohibited from asking immigration status under Motor Voter Act of 1993.

The NBC2 investigators established that a voter after examining “jury forms, where the person excused themselves said they couldn’t serve because they were not U.S. Citizens. They reporters took those names and found dozens of those people in the database of Florida registered voters.

The FL Secretary of State told NBC2 they were investigating the case:

“…we will be exploring how many of the state’s clerks of court and supervisors of elections could work together to verify that persons excused from jury duty, because they are non-citizens, are not illegally registered to vote.”

The question to ask all citizen voters is how many illegal aliens have sent in a “Voter Motor” application to intentionally or unknowingly register to vote. Consider this that non voters could be changing your voting power to such an extent, by not just altering close races in local and county elections, but a widespread violation across American states. In furtherance, with our nation future pivoting on an agenda of Socialist, that it is already seen with the hindrance of our freedoms by this present administration.

According to Roger Hedgecock detailed, “the Democrats have what he calls “machinery of fraud” in full gear and ready for November.” The Department of In-justice down to its leftist advocacy groups are already registering illegal aliens door to door in every city. Are Republicans just going to sit back and let them steal the election of 2012? He further has said,”the voter rolls of this country are stuffed with illegal aliens, felons and dead people, who not only vote, they vote overwhelmingly Democrat.

J. Christian Adams, attorney formally attached to the Voting Rights Section of the Department of Justice, eventually left his position and wrote an expose on the racial motivations which entirely poisoned the department on Eric Holder’s agency. In his book, "Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department” he coldly warned our sovereign country that the end result of this violation of trust, if not appropriately addressed, would be “lawlessness.” He Divulged never-before-published details on several important cases—including the Black Panther case—Adams "Injustice" exposes how the very (DOJ) accountable for enforcing equal protection has been infested by radicals hell bent on furthering a fringe political agenda.

In a similar manner, Investigative reporter James O’Keefe rendered proof positive that organized hordes of illegal “voters” can extensively warp the results of elections throughout the nation. Just by claiming the identities of registered voters in those particular districts, specifically if they do not have the financial resources to oversee irregularities. And to nobody’s real shocker, Eric Holder is the most forceful benefactor of maintaining the present system just as it is, while seeking to ridicule and disgrace O’Keefe. In 2009, he and an accomplice, 20 year old Hannah Giles, laid bare the rampant criminal activities being perpetrated nationwide by ACORN, the subversive network of leftist activists whose seditious political work had previously remained largely under the radar. As a result of that exposure, ACORN was forced to officially disband and reorganize, though its activity is ongoing and has already raided its ugly head under another assumed new name in New York.

Voters must punish the Politicians, Governors, Mayors and the whole mix of elected officials that are harboring foreign nationals, who have implemented Sanctuary cities ordinances, who have driven policies of Dream Acts, Chain migration and other catastrophic Comprehensive Reform packages. Even citizen voting privileges are not safe anymore, from groups like ACORN involved with voter fraud. The U.S. citizenry must step forward and adjoin with the TEA PARTY “THE PEOPLE’S PARTY” to stop the erosion of legal rights, which are being reduced by this administration. Both parties have abused immigration enforcement, by neglecting the fence and the incompetence of acknowledging that ID theft is out of control, that every foreign worker is committing a felony by using U.S. victim’s Social security number and identity in the majority of cases, but nothing has been accomplished to halt these issues.

The illegal alien occupation are racking up over a $100 Billion dollars a year, with no end in sight. Additionally, illegal foreign workers are estimated to wire over $40 Billion dollars annually outside this country to foreign banks. Obama is skirting the laws of the Congress, to implement another sordid avenue, to covertly allow illegal aliens to stay and in addition allow family members to join them. You can also learn more of the Obama government ignoring your Constitutional rights at ‘NumbersUSA’. Www.numbersusa.com. Even better explore the ‘American Patrol’ www.americanpatrol.com website that the Democrats and Liberals don't want you to view.

this post has nothing to do with illegal immigration

Folks, this is labor arbitrage of skilled I.S. workers through fraud, manipulation of the Visa system. It has nothing to do with voting or IDS and frankly this site is all about economics, this is plain off topic.

displaced worker... I am one

I have over 30 years of experience in programming. My job was outsourced to an offshore company. I don't have a bachelor's degree... somewhere along the way employers have decided that a bachelor's degree is necessary for a programmer.This is making it difficult for me to find work. Also because companies are no longer willing to spend the money...they won't pay for their employees to get additional "technical" training... which BTW is usually vendor training not university training. This is really hurting our economy and our country.

sorry to hear that, you're not alone

There are plenty with BS/BA, Masters even PhDs who are in the same boat. I think it depends on what one is programming. Some processes require knowledge of software architecture and advanced mathematics, other things, such as say the code underneath this site, really don't.

Beyond that, any solid engineer will tell you most "hands on" skills, such as programming are self-taught. Languages change, come and go and it doesn't require a college degree to crack a book (well go online and do a tutorial, pull up an IDE with a tutorial), and learn about multi-threaded code and so on.

16 to 1 for the MNCs : Foreign to U.S.

MNCs are hiring 16 non-Americans for every U.S. worker hired in 2010 according to stats from the USDOL on Thursday. Reported by WSJ.
This is not complicated.

MNCS hiring quote

I haven't seen this WSJ article and also I do not believe the DOL releases this data. I just did an overview on MNCs, hiring from a BEA statistical release. I don't know where the WSJ is getting 16:1. Basically from 2009 to 2010, all employment growth was abroad and the report shows zero growth in levels, yet a 0.1% "growth" in U.S. jobs to a 1.5% abroad. If I do a straight percentage, I get 0% growth for U.S. workers with a 1.85% growth for foreign workers from 2009 to 2010.

I don't know where they are getting 16:1 from these stats, of course the fact the BEA publishes zero growth in levels and then gives "annualized" percentages one cannot reproduce is no surprise to me.

If you can quote a paragraph, please do so.

Employers are circumventing the labor laws

Labor laws are there to protect the employees from the abuses employers tend to commit (if unchecked), simply because the employer feels like they are the master and the employees are the servants.
These laws are also there to make sure that US Citizens take precedence over foreigners brought under the false pretense that there is shortage of technical resources here in the US. Middle easterner companies have seen and ceased the opportunity to flood the US with less qualified and excessive numbers of falsely stated H1B supporting documentation (I knew a few middle easterners IT programmers in the ERP world who confided that they were not IT trained but accountants who were brought here by their relatives once they formed companies here in the US). This is happening all over the US. It is widely known that there is a flood of inaccurate resumes (I also knew cases where the interviewed persons were not the same people that showed up for work). It is how it works over there and that culture is being brought here to the US.
Companies like Infosys, Tata and the thousands of like those (smaller) companies that are being created almost every day (under the false claims that they are "leading global companies - when their website has just been created with WordPress) have started to feel the pressure because the level of unemployment of US Citizens is growing because of them, since they tend to place their people first regardless of whether there are qualifying US Citizens to fill the positions at their companies here in the US or for the clients that prefer to hire non Americans first because they have been sold the idea that middle easterner are better technically trained (or simply they are willing to work for less).
Now that some of our politicians and some government organizations have started to slow down the speed to approval f H1B/L1 applications, they have sent mandates to those companies executives to start hiring more US Citizens so they maintain control of the labor force they have been building here in the US.
I get calls from some of these companies who claim they are in the US, but they are actually calling from overseas.
It its time to identify these companies and pass the information to the DOL. We have to let our politicians that the H1B/L1 programs are killing our jobs at this time. Perhaps at another time, they may be useful, but not now, when we are at this high level of unemployment.

Tech insurgent

Techinsurgent.com covers this exclusively as far as lawsuits, companies, individuals, politicians that are "American" but serve foreign masters, etc. That's one example. And forums out there giving voice to the unemployed also name names. There was one bank that made it impossible to say you were from the US. Basically the default for a US citizen trying to apply for a job was forced to say their location was in India. Obviously an American in the US would give up after 5 seconds of trying to figure out how to say he/she was not in India, but still wanted the job being listed in the US. But of course the bank could say no one was applying or qualified from the US. HR, if you engage in these acts on behalf of your bosses, will your bosses protect you when you are called to account by the one or two honest lawmakers out there? No, of course you won't. "It was a rogue HR employee" they will claim despite 10,000 emails and docs proving otherwise. Is this tricky? No. Dickish, yes! And no doubt that same bank was collecting secret Fed funds paid for by US-taxpayers. Quite the nightmare of lies, deception, and immoral/illegal conduct. And par for the course.

And You Are Just Now Discovering The Truth?

This visa problem has been around since the 1980s when government and corporate America started their "Diversity is good" campaign. NORTEL in Richardson, Texas was hiring Indian engineers and programmers by the hundreds and this travesty continued up until 2000 when NORTEL started having trouble. The government was an active participant in pushing out American citizens from good paying jobs so cheaper foreigners could come here and work for much less. I believe the government, by ignoring the citizens of this country, is building a rebel base that is one day going to burn Washington (either figuratively or literally) to the ground. I am certainly angry the years I spent getting an engineering degree is wasted because the H1-B visa workers will work for $30,000 a year, sleep ten to a bedroom (violating most zoning laws in the country) because their other choice is to stay in India, earn $100 per month, and sleep in the street. I know as I have been to India many times and was married to one for 23 years. Nothing is going to happen until people start marching on Washington. Given the greatest impact is to white collar Americans, the likelihood of any marching is nil. So, we will continue to grip as our country is given away to foreigners so the corporate suits can have their multi-million dollar paydays. I always though the bs called "Diversity" was just another word for unemployment for Americans who worked hard to get difficult degrees. This country sucks. No wait. This is a wonderful country but the government and corporate America suck.


Completely agree with you on every single statement man, this country is suppose to be the land of opportunity but once you attain that opportunity it just seems like you will get ***** slapped and have to start back from the ground up. The american government is a gang just like bloods and crips... people still fail to see it like that. Then you have individuals that say if you don't like this country nobodies forcing you to stay so than leave and go somewhere else to survive but I didn't choose to live here.. my parents came here and I have to work my way up with earning my own money to try and get the **** outta here... I wasn't spoon fed and everything has to be done by ME and only ME because I have no other help...but best believe once I make enough money I am OUTTA HERE.... I know theres a lot of others that are in the same situation but it's really hard.. God bless everyone in the slump

For fun, look who's in charge of "fighting fraud" for Chase

Oh yeah, American citizens and visitors and all those conducting personal and business banking with JP Morgan Chase, look at who the banksters trust to look out for your cash, to fight/prevent ID theft, and for your personal welfare. I give you the educational background of the Senior VP of Fraud Prevention at Jamie Dimon's fiefdom:
Sri Sathya Sai University - MBA, Marketing
Rishi Valley School

No, this isn't some racist attack based on some schools, plenty of Americans have backgrounds from across the globe, fought for the US, have names from all backgrounds and countries. What draws my concern is the fact that these banks and other companies constantly lie and claim they cannot find any Americans that want to work hard to protect the $ and savings of fellow Americans and protect businesses (non-bankster business, that is) from fraud and theft, the folks have to look outside the US - it has nothing to do with the US educational system, fighting fraud in the US, or caring about the integrity of our financial system and the security of all people conducting business from, in, or through the US. It's all about savings while insulting qualified Americans. Meanwhile they're complicit in sending every job available overseas where the risk is multiplied. For example, outsourcing credit agencies' work overseas? And this isn't illegal? Congress and the rest of the govt. loves their bribes, no matter at what cost to our personal lives.

This is just part of the ongoing sham, hire people for less money, claim they couldn't find any Americans, and then let the savings and profits go to the CEOs and HR, while the customers and regular folks that need safe and secure systems and places to save money and conduct business without perpetual ID theft and fraud are screwed time and time again. While the folks at the top couldn't care less, customers at banks suffer the consequences. Again, don't be surprised in true banana republic style when people keep their cash under the beds, don't trust anyone they don't know personally or from their community, and everything grinds to a halt because no one in power or earning big bucks can be trusted and will just be seen as getting rich through exploiting others. It's already happening.