What is in The Economic Stimulus Bill of 2009?

Stimulus, stimulus, everywhere the buzz word stimulus, devil in detailsbut where is the devil, you know that creature who screws up the details?

Navigating the politics, the lack of analysis, the specifics and more importantly, the time line of effectiveness is not for the faint of heart. To that end we must start with the latest publicly available legislative text.

The Bill Text

The working title for the bill is, The American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan . The bill is also in a state of flux. The House states the bill will be formally introduced on 01/26/09.

One thing you don't hear too much about in the primary fights so far is.....Iraq....

Oh yeah, before you start, I'm not saying that nothing is said about this issue or that the citizenry does not rank this festering sore created by Mr. Decider, 'Lil Boots', George W. Bush, America's Greatest Conservative President God save him and keep him safe in Paraguay....home of all fascist scum. Nor am I going to continue arguing with those who say that since the One Million Iraqis killed by Herr Leader are not Amerikkkan citizens that we, you and I, homer are not living in a Fascist State. Nope....I just want to bring your attention, as I have many times before, to the most important of all measures for Amerikkka.