The Failure of Obama's Website is Poetic Justice

Obama wants to import more foreign guest workers than there could possibly be jobs for in the United States per the demands of cheap labor corporate lobbyists.  Yet again, instead of focusing in on jobs for Americans, Obama is busy pushing comprehensive immigration reform which will absolutely decimate U.S. workers by flooding the very weak U.S. labor market.

What Does It Take For Justice?

workplace death threatImagine returning to your office to see a note taped to your chair which reads:

Just leave, you are not wanted here, hope your journey brings you death.

Imagine coming into work and turning on your computer. The screen lights up with an open Word document, which says:

Burn in your hell and death to you and the family. Infosys rules the world.

That has been the life of Jay Palmer and today an Alabama judge ruled the above threats are not unreasonable in the workplace. Literally the Judge ruled that death threats are not out of bounds in Alabama employment law. The judge claims the threats were not so severe that no reasonable person could be expected to endure it.. So, under employment law is murder now perfectly legal? What does it take here to get justice for U.S. workers?

ComputerWorld has been covering the case and sums up what happened.

In his lawsuit, Palmer claimed he was harassed at work, sidelined and even received death threats for refusing to participate in an alleged Infosys scheme to use workers on business visitor, or B-1 visas, for tasks that required an H-1B work visa.

Indian Offshore Outsourcers Start Propaganda Campaign, Funding Elections to Get Your Job

the tokensIn a backdrop of election 2010, we have more spin. NASSCOM, the India offshore outsourcing industry is starting a media and public relations campaign to get your job.

India’s top tech firms, along with Nasscom, are lobbying harder on Capitol Hill and are set to launch a public campaign on hiring more local staff in the US as political rhetoric against offshoring of IT and back office jobs reaches an all-time high ahead of the US November elections.

Hiring Americans is not what they will do in reality. Instead they will contract or hire a few token Americans to point to as evidence they are not committing global labor arbitrage. Labor arbitrage, or squeezing workers for profits, is the entire business model of these Indian body shops.

These same offshorers are buying our elections and controlling our Congress.

Bangalore-based Wipro spent $33,000 as lobbying costs in Q2 this year in the US. Chennai-based Cognizant has spent a whopping $320,000 in lobbying this year.

Now guess which party is completely in their pockets? Republicans.

Some of the intense lobbying and other initiatives are already bearing fruit. Last month senate Republicans defeated a bill aimed at taxing American multinationals moving services and manufacturing jobs to cheaper overseas locations such as China and India.