Help EP, links cross posting, ratings

Everyone, to get more participation, readers, people aware of EP's existence, please help out with a few things:

1. On other sites, if you are referencing a post, especially if you have posted it on many sites, link to the EP version in the comment.

2. If you have a blog roll and on dailykos everyone has a blog roll, add EP to it.

3. Join Technorati and "fav" EP. They rank blogs and we are really moving up but hardly any "favs" in user accounts.

4. please use the cross post link in the user guide to link back to EP. Also remember, please change your blog title and if you put this cross post link at the top of your blog, the news aggregators and blog aggregators will not punish you for cross linking.

Some unethical sites steal content from others and then publish it, without permission. As a result, Google and other aggregators reduce the blog rank, page rank of that site and "bury it" so it will not be found. So, when cross posting, please change the first few sentences and title of your piece and that way we will not be punished or the other site you are posting on will not be punished.

5. If you know others who are serious on economics, want policy based in reality, dealing with making the U.S. strong again, working people's interests and so forth, invite them over to register and join in on the site. Sometimes it takes an invite for people to feel comfortable participating.

Also, EP is a community blog, which is unusual in the world of economics blogs so people may not realize EP is here for them to write on, participate in. It's a "bottom up" structure when most blogs are "top down" and at best all one can do is comment.

6. In this regard, please uprate blog posts you like. Little arrow button on bottom left. Gives good juju and allows writers to see someone bothered to read their work.

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where is everyone? We need some site chatter

Hello Folks, come on, comment on posts, let's chat!

You all "make" the site and it seems like people are just "readin' and leavin'" lately...

let's talk about some of this stuff!

I didn't put in that code which allows you to track your conversations in the "my account" section so it can sit and gather dust.....what, do we have the "silent majority" reading the site now?

share buttons

Folks, please consider sharing and submitting posts to reddit etc.

I get statistics on this and while we do get so many more reads than anyone using the discussion (comments), few use the share buttons to other sites.

I personally like reddit because it's just links, they do not steal sites contents but it's a nice aggregator. I check it sometimes to see if I can dig out some economic story that the MSM is ignoring and quite often there are a few. The share this button has every type of share you could possibly want, including emailing a post forward.