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Blog entryOPEC report shows July's global oil output was two million barrels per day short of demand 07 months 3 weeks ago
Instapopulist Forum topic3rd Quarter GDP Grew at a 3.4% Rate Because Inventories Grew at a 31.9% Rate 110 months 1 week ago
Instapopulist Forum topic2nd Quarter GDP Up 4.1% Despite Largest Inventory Contraction Since 2009 21 year 7 months ago
Blog entryOne cold snap uses 11.5% of US natural gas supplies; 8 more weeks like that and our gas storage will be totally empty 11 year 10 months ago
Instapopulist Forum topicConstruction contribution to Q1 GDP under-reported by 47 basis points, despite 1.7% drop in March 11 year 11 months ago
Blog entryOPEC's February Oil Market Report showed that the global oil glut is growing again 02 years 1 month ago
Instapopulist Forum topicDecember Trade Deficit Up 5.3% on Higher Imports of Cellphones, Drugs and Cars 02 years 1 month ago
Instapopulist Forum topicNovember Personal Spending Up 0.6%, Two Months PCE Adds 171 Basis Points to Q4 GDP 42 years 2 months ago
Instapopulist Forum topicConsumer Prices Rose 0.4% in November on Higher Energy Costs 02 years 3 months ago
Blog entryOPEC oil output at a 6 month low; global oil output at a 12 month high 02 years 3 months ago
Instapopulist Forum topicOctober Trade Deficit Up 8.6%, Revisions Whack 3rd Quarter GDP 02 years 3 months ago
Instapopulist Forum topicProducer Prices Rose 0.4% in October on Higher Gas Station Margins and Wholesale Drug Prices 02 years 4 months ago
Instapopulist Forum topicAdvance Estimate of 2nd Quarter GDP & Revisions From 2014 to Present 12 years 8 months ago
Blog entryThe Great US Natural Gas Exports Myth 12 years 9 months ago
Instapopulist Forum topicMay Personal Income up 0.4%, Spending up 0.1%; 2 Months PCE to Add 184 Basis Points to Q2 GDP 02 years 9 months ago
Blog entryOPEC cuts still not reducing global oil glut, and they know it 02 years 11 months ago
Instapopulist Forum topic 4th Quarter GDP Revised to Show Growth at a 2.1% Rate 13 years 1 day ago
Blog entryHalf million barrel per day global oil surplus persisted in February 03 years 2 weeks ago
Instapopulist Forum topicTrade Deficit, Up 9.6% in January, on Track to Clip 78 Basis Points from Q1 GDP 33 years 2 weeks ago
Instapopulist Forum topic4th Quarter GDP Growth Remains at a 1.9% Rate 23 years 1 month ago
Blog entryDespite OPEC Cuts, Global Glut Grows A Million Barrels a Day 23 years 1 month ago
Blog entryNew Record Highs for US Oil Exports, for Gasoline Inventories, and for Oil Inventories 03 years 1 month ago
Blog entryOPEC cuts their oil output but keeps on drilling 03 years 1 month ago
Instapopulist Forum topicOver Half a Trillion 2016 Trade Deficit 13 years 1 month ago
Instapopulist Forum topicQ4 GDP A Bumbling 1.9% 43 years 2 months ago