Stopping Compete America

The reissue of 300,000 H-1B visas is our most serious, immediate threat. Kim Berry is likely correct that the reissue may come through ammendments tacked on to unrelated legislation.  This "dead of night" tactic accounts for some of our country's worst legislation .
Get on the phone to your senator's Washington office now!

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RE: Stopping Compete America

True- we don't have a bill number, but we also don't have anyone in D.C. watching the committees.
There are straight-shooters out there (Dorgan, Tester, McCaskil, Sanders....) who might dedicate a staff member part-time.

Stopping Compete America

I think a position paper on why this is a horrific idea is the first
step. I don't think this should be so hard to put together
considering we have a potential economic tsunami coming our way. The
evidence is already overwhelming that the H-1B is a global labor
arbitrage vehicle
and 300k (at once?) would clearly decimate working professionals in the