Stop The Madness

Yesterday I put up an Instapopulist post regarding the national demonstrations which will be happening tomorrow. This effort is being organized and coordinated by a new grass roots organization called A New Way Forward.

Today, I want to emphasize the importance of showing up at these demonstrations, in light of the new article from Michael Hirsch of Newsweek. Here's the link to the story.

As Hirsch points out, the administration has received push back from some members of the Senate. And there are some slight indications that there is sentiment within the administration to institute modest to serious regulations. Yet, the NY Fed is currently holding meetings with WS insiders and their traditional regulators, to decide the type of regulation that would work best for them. In other words, regulation lite and no transparency to outside agencies.

There is a power struggle going on that is only now being reported for what it is in the MSM. Better late than never. These mega banks that are "too big to fail" must be broken up. They are simply "too big to exist". We need to keep up the pressure from Main Street and a good turnout tomorrow is a great way to start.

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Two I am surprised by

are Maria Cantwell, Microsoft's personal representative and Diane Feinstein, Silicon valley's personal representative.

I was wondering about Dorgan and it's good to know he is trying. I was very surprised to see him endorse Obama in the first place.

Who is not there I'm also surprised about, i.e. Jon Tester, Robert Byrd, and Obama's biggest cheerleader, Claire McCaskill.

I was also very surprised by McCaskill's Obamamania for her policy positions are so Progressive/Populist.

I wish they had done this in the primaries and stuck to policy positions.

to all who went to the protests

I hope you come back and post about how it went. I'm in a rural area, so all of my outrage has to be typed.