Ohio Denies Workers Bargaining Rights

Ohio just voted to deny public workers collective bargaining rights:

Republicans in the Ohio House on Wednesday approved a bill that would restrict collective bargaining rights for the state’s public sector unions.

The bill passed 53 to 44; no Democrats voted in favor of the bill, while 5 Republicans voted against it. The legislation has already passed the state Senate once and would need just one more expected approval before heading to Republican Gov. John Kasich’s desk, perhaps before the end of the day.

Kasich indicated earlier Wednesday that he plans to sign the measure into law.

The attack on public unions is in full swing. Shame it has little to do with State's budget problems.



The bill denies collective bargaining, which turns negotiations into basically whatever the employer wants. From the New York Times:

Under the bill, if a public employer chose the costlier of two final offers from management and union and that choice forced a community to raise taxes, then voters would be given the opportunity to overturn the contract through a referendum.

Imagine if the public could overturn a contract the state made with a corporation or business. How many IBM contracts, offshore outsourcing contracts would be cancelled immediately in the next vote? Was that in this bill? Of course not.

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We must defeat the unions!

The unions will bring Radial Homosexual Death Panel Job-killing regulations attached to a government take-over of social security. Tell Obama: hands off my Orwellian fascist hyperbole !! !! !!

The unions threaten to deliver a living wage

This would be catastrophic to the party of Harding, Blackwell, and Taft. Their goal is to demand 1/2 day Saturday every week and a maximum compensation at 50% of the current level. The Ohio Republicans are on the road to perdition, without a Garmin.