Instapopulist - What is it?

In the middle column is a new title Instapopulist.

These are the latest forum topic posts.

If you see a news article, just want to briefly mention some fact or start a discussion thread, the forums are the place to do it. You don't need to invest the time to write a full bore, cited blog post to write in the forums.

Quick, easy, bam, you're an Instapopulist!

If a topic is hot, and you want it front paged, it's easy to change that, just hit the up vote arrow on the left and if others agree with you, the forum post will be moved to the front page.

I hope ya all start using them, especially people commenting but not wanting to dive into full blow blogging.

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new RSS feed for the latest Instapopulist posts

The Instapopulist is the latest quick moving, short posts in the forums.

We know have a new RSS feed so you can quickly scan all of the new ones in a reader without any additional clicks.

You see on the left, in the fly out menu (if your site look is not the blue one) at the end you will see the feed.

On the main menu, you now see blog RSS and Forum RSS.