Here Comes the Corporate Cheap Labor Lobbies - Obama wants "Comprehensive" immigration reform

Forget massive job losses, people losing their homes, homelessness, nope, Obama wants to pass that ultimate cheap labor and very expensive agenda, comprehensive immigration reform.

While acknowledging that the recession makes the political battle more difficult, President Obama plans to begin addressing the country’s immigration system this year, including looking for a path for illegal immigrants to become legal, a senior administration official said on Wednesday.

Bear in mind this means massive guest worker Visa increases, billions in additional costs and the fact that U.S. citizens cannot get a job...well, anyone who points out these realities is simply a racist.

It also means massive increases in immigration levels...again when Americans cannot find a job.

And of course it also means billions in additional costs, assuming anyone wishes to actually follow whatever law is enacted.

Oh that issue of Drug Cartels operating like a very violent Walmart in every city in America....we'll just ignore that too....because of course that's just racist to mention that.

Health Care, budget deficit, the failure of policies to address the financial crisis, China debt...

Both the past bills were strongly opposed and it's clear, per the unholy alliance of misguided "no immigration controls at all" groups, ethnicity focused special interest groups and the Corporate cheap labor lobby....the bill will be the same...

U.S. citizens last and damn the fact the U.S. economy cannot absorb that many additional workers.

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Here We Go Again

Looks like we're going to have to go through this every two years. The Democrat leadership knows amnesty is a bad idea but some of them believe it's how they hold on to the Hispanic vote.

I don't believe this gets them the Hispanic vote. I don't even think the Democrat leaders believe this gets them the Hispanic vote.

It does however give the liberals (I'm a labor Democrat - not a liberal) the right to moral superioriority. That's all they want.

We just have to keep our pencils sharpened and send our faxes from NumbersUSA. Thank you Roy Beck.  I don't know where we'd be without you.



Labor Dems

Well, last round the AFL-CIO opposed both bills. Now they are about to sell out all Professional labor, endorse the F-4, or "instant" green cards and buy into this.

The "Hispanic" community is looking at this to increase their numbers and instead of the U.S. moving towards true U.S. domestic diversity, equality, social mobility, we're endorsing almost a stratification of the workplace based on ethnicity and age and sex.

i.e. going backwards and it's due to these special interest groups pushing agendas based purely on ethnicity.

This is not my original idea of what Democrats stand for at all and I think we need a new party in this country.

Right now we have this insanity or we have Corporate "tax cut" mania insanity from the GOP.

I just hope all of the AFL-CIO rank and file defect when the AFL-CIO sells their members down the river on this one.

Not the Change we Voted for

With millions of Americans unemployed, Obama is as bad as Bush. I hope Americans wake up and go mass rallies on the streets. If that happens, One guarantee our standard of living will be like Mexico.