Help Me! I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up! Economic Populist Admin Help Me Thread

Ok, this is my bad. I was looking over my last Manufacturing Monday. It seems that Windows Live Writer reposted it. Can you please set it more downwards where it belongs, and not at the top? Thanks. Sorry for any inconveniences.

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admin stuff

no problem.

1. when one creates drafts, updates and so on, you can change the date of the post. Click on the authoring information link when editing.

2. I'm still looking for feedback on the overall look of the site. I've been playing around with it, suggestions are nice.

3. I don't know if people realize it but you can literally copy content, this is from the displayed level, not the edit, switch into the rich text editor, hit paste and all of the underlying HTML will be copied over so you do not have to reform it.

New Readers! Welcome to EP!

If you look to the left, you can register and create an account. A bunch of cool features will then be available for you to use and....(drum roll please), you don't have to prove you are a human with putting in those irritating letters in a box every time you want to say something!

Glad you're all here!

I think I've killed the html for EP

when I added my latest comment to the post I made earlier today. Something about the youtube source code that did it.

found the bug, my fault, now fixed

I was playing around with a script to intelligently know when to place paragraph and line breaks within posts.

It clearly crashed any embedded code and since I was just working on it, didn't check that.

It also crashed a table, which is a lot of work so no fun if someone tanks the layout!

Anyway, I fixed it back now so all embedded will work.

Thanks for the heads up and it wasn't your fault, it was mine.

youtubes works as it should, you can embed them again.


invite others to read/comment, post

It seems like the discussion is really down, the chat on EP.

While I can see the posts are being read, less people are writing comments or using the threaded comments to discuss, chat.

Can ya all consider (when appropriate, don't spam another site) but linking over to EP when it's "Right" or invite others when you see someone who is gravely concerned on all things econ or who has the ability to analyze, discuss, add?

It's a big database, no reason we can't have much more discussion on the site, it can handle it!

It's really a bummer to see the discussion trail off, it was really picking up and I hope it returns.

I did earlier this week,

From my admittedly a bit CT slashdot journal, pointing out that we have a darn good indication now that the stimulus wasn't enough to avoid deflation.
Maximum jobs, not maximum profits.

Maximum jobs, not maximum profits.