value added tax

IS it a tax or I won't raise your tax

I don't know, is it just me that just because it is a fee, it is still a tax.

Obama told the people that he won't raise taxes for those earning under a certain amount ($250,000 or $200,000).

So first they raised the tobacco taxes. There were those that said, those people shouldn't be smoking so it isn't a tax.

Then there is this Cap and Trade Bill. In Europe Cap and Trade type of laws made the prices increase by $1,300 a year.

If the increase is caused by government, to me it is a hidden tax.

There is talk of taxing health benefits.

Then I read that Roger Altman writes under the headline, "We'll Need To Raise Taxes Soon".

"This suggests that, possibly next year, Congress will seriously consider a value-added tax (VAT)."

VAT or Value Added Tax is Getting a Look in D.C.

The Washington Post is covering the VAT or value added tax and suggesting the concept is gaining support in Congress. Unfortunately WaPo characterizes this tax completely incorrectly as a national sales tax. It's not frankly, it is a legal method by which to address the trade deficit.

Fortunately Trade Reform has a better understanding of what a VAT really is: