Paul Krugman Calls Out Heritage Foundation

Paul Krugman calls out The Heritage Foundation as propaganda:

Whenever you encounter “research” from the Heritage Foundation, you always have to bear in mind that Heritage isn’t really a think tank; it’s a propaganda shop. Everything it says is automatically suspect.

This is so true! We have a host of organizations claiming to issue studies when they are really glorified marketing pieces with flawed data tables, absurd assumptions and some beyond comprehension bad mathematics.

But if one reads the "math" and the details usually one can locate the buried statistical flaws deep in the data. These organizations bank on Congress as well as your inability to add two numbers together to see their manipulated statistics.

Brain Dead Friedman Dutifully Writes Propaganda for His Corporate Lobbyist Masters

I'm sorry but this guy is a fucking idiot. Now Friedman takes some incredibly racist comment from some Indian newspaper claiming Indians would pay their mortgage because not to do so is shameful (as if Americans think it's ok to not pay their bills?????) and complete fiction that a temporary visa holder will buy up subprime houses (uh, you are temporary, why the hell would you buy a house in a temporary visa?)
As if magically an American worker given a decent job would not magically buy a home.

Hello asshat! Have you seen the layoffs in the United States, the numbers of unemployed Americans? Anyone connect the idea that income might have something to do with getting a mortgage?

Idiotorial - Pure Corporate Propaganda

Will this ever cease? One can debunk these people over and over, yet I guess because corporate lobbyists pay so well, more misinformation gets puked out than fact.

We have yet another idiotorial claiming if one floods the nation with guest workers, immigrants, magically the housing crisis will be solved.

Anyone notice that if the unemployment rate is dropping, magically the US needs more immigration, yet if the unemployment rate is spiking....the US needs more immigration?