Happy New Year Economic Populists! Good-bye Lost Decade!

I would like to say good-bye and good riddance to the lost decade of 2000-2009.

It started with the dot con crash and ended with the financial Economic Armageddon implosion.

I sometimes believed a look of jaw drop would be permanently etched on my face as I watched towers implode, votes not counted, hanging chads, invasions based on obvious lies, the corruption of Congress, the false data and information being put on as news, the implosion of the value of work, the real production economy and the U.S. middle class.

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere, popping and forming, ride 'em up, ride 'em down, but eventually almost all would fall to the ground.

Site Changes - What's the latest?

This weekend I'm working on the format and some other features.

The site may change or you might see test posts periodically.

Over on the left bottom, you will see an up/down arrow. This is a voting module. By default all blog posts go to the front page. Any blog post receiving negative points(votes) can be removed from the front page by user consensus.

Any forum topic that receives enough positive points will be promoted to the front page. If a post receives enough negative votes(points) it will be unpublished.

Comments are also rated and with enough negative ratings will disappear from the site. Positive ratings over time will give that user more site privileges.

The idea here is to generate a front page that are the best writings and the most reasoned blogs. Registered fellow bloggers determine the content versus just myself as arbitrary dictator on high.